Krewe de Forti

Who We Are

Krewe de Forti is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization located in Pasco County, Florida. Our operation is strictly volunteering, minimizing operational overhead and maximizing charitable output. The Krewe likes to support local businesses by partnering with them and/or utilizing their services with our projects. The Krewe is comprised of local, former and active duty first responders: Firefighters, Emergency Dispatchers, Law Enforcement Officers, EMT’s, and Paramedics.

Our Mission

Krewe de Forti prides themselves on helping the community. Our main goals are to raise awareness, collect monetary or tangible donations, and provide volunteer services for just causes, other nonprofit organizations, and charities located here in Pasco County. Part of helping the community involves supporting future First Responders. Our primary annual project is our “Future First Responder Scholarship Program”. The Krewe has partnered with Fivay High School to provide two scholarships to teens that meet the expectations and values of the Krewe. One student in the Criminal Justice program and one student from the Firefighter program. We hope to grow this program and expand to other High Schools with first responder programs. We also focus on our fellow first responder brothers and sisters, helping those individuals if a time of need for support arises


We Educate

Krewe De Forti offers a full line of education classes for first responders and general public audiences.  Classes are customized to your needs and can be completed at your choice of location.  Click the link below to be directed to contact us for more information.

Future first responder scholarship program

Krewe de Forti prides themselves on helping the community.  Part of helping the community involves supporting future First Responders.  The Krewe has partnered with local high schools to provide scholarships to teens that meet the expectations and values of the Krewe.  Students will need to complete a scholarship application and submit required documentation in order to be considered.  Scholarships are designed to be used for any course in public safety at local colleges or institutions.

we volunteer in our community

Looking for Volunteers? Contact Krewe de Forti! We pride ourselves on being active in and giving back to our community! 

we do events

As part of our community involvement, the Krewe has a fully equipped Fire Truck. The truck is Available upon formal request for appearances, performances, and showings. These requests can be for parties, parades, special events, public relations events and even Santa runs. If you are looking for that perfect special idea to highlight your event, contact us, let’s talk.

we want you!

Krewe de Forti is a membership-based organization. Prospective members must be sponsored by a current member and be part of the First Responder community.

we offer sponsorship opportunities

Krewe de Forti is currently taking application requests to become a Friend of the Krewe Sponsor.  Sponsorships come in many levels and come with different benefits. We are offering advertising positions on our Krewe fire engine with select sponsorship levels.

2021 Future First Responder Scholarship Recipients

Our Sponsors